Snow Day

Well, It’s snowing again so it’s time to stay home and ponder something other than white. In a previous post, I shared a proposed color scheme for the hotel. Perhaps, it is a little bit jarring to the eye but the colors are historically accurate for the 1800s.

As for selecting the palette, I not only wanted to be historically correct, but also wished to let the site suggest the best hues. The green was easy since we have samples of original green paint from the interior. The red and gold; however, have a much more serendipitous origin in the hotel’s back yard.

I’ll make a wild guess that the two stones shown are jasper and they were both found in a rubble heap in the Pony Express yard. I’ve seen other samples of the red stone in a Virginia City rock shop and their origin was listed as Dayton Valley so I’m satisfied that this one is local as well. As for the yellow one, I need to consult my geologist friends but I’ll hazard a guess that it’s local to Dayton too.


Author: Glenn

I'm a 5' 8" tall ape descendant with an interior design degree and a love for antiques and vintage architecture. I recently escaped from the IT world to follow my dreams and a beautiful damsel who shares my love of old buildings no matter how much dust is involved.