Looking For Materials

In anticipation of getting the hotel weather tight again, we are in search of vintage materials to replace what is beyond hope. We currently¬† have four exterior doors that are too badly deteriorated to use but finding replacements has been a challenge. I don’t know of any architectural salvage places in Nevada and even a trip to Urban Ore in Oakland failed to turn up the right kind of door. What the hotel needs is glass top doors like the one shown below.

We’ve seen them on other buildings in Nevada and the California Gold Country so I know they are not rare. With luck, and help from our loyal fans, I’m hoping that there are doors similar that can be obtained for reuse in the hotel.

Also, In the spirit of recycling, we’re looking for old kitchen cabinets that can be refaced. Something bland but sturdy from the pre particle board era would be perfect so if there is anyone out there who is remodeling a kitchen, we may be able to use the cabinets.

Author: Glenn

I'm a 5' 8" tall ape descendant with an interior design degree and a love for antiques and vintage architecture. I recently escaped from the IT world to follow my dreams and a beautiful damsel who shares my love of old buildings no matter how much dust is involved.