Special Request

One of my fans asked me which back balcony option actually made the cut so here is the latest. In the design process I discovered that some of the footings were in conflict with the neighboring building due to the zero lot line. Also, the neighbor’s building had a window that would be blocked by the previous landing location. So, after consulting with the engineer, we decided to flip the stairs to the other end of the balcony which kinda divides the yard but works pretty well aside from that.

Ironically, this balcony never existed like this in the past. There was actually another two story building behind the hotel that shows up on the old insurance maps from the 1890s. The foundation stones of this missing structure still remain in the yard. I suspect that it was wood and it burned down at some point.

Author: Dusty

I'm a 5' 8" tall ape descendant with an interior design degree and a love for antiques and vintage architecture. I recently escaped from the IT world to follow my dreams and a beautiful damsel who shares my love of old buildings no matter how much dust is involved.