It’s Green

While we are waiting for the seismic retrofit work to be completed on the first floor interior, my wife Katie and I have been experimenting with exterior colors.

Kelly Moore paints has a nice palette of historic colors and from this, we’ve selected green with brown trim for the wood structure adjacent to the hotel. The door was originally supposed to be brown but we had a quart of the yellow that we planned to use on the balcony so we gave it a go. It looked so good that we plan to use it on the double doors as well and this will help tie in the wood structure to the hotel which will be brick read with yellow windows and doors.

We are delaying the paint on the front of the hotel itself because of a current tenant whom we hope will learn to fly soon.

Meanwhile, our new windows have been delivered to a warehouse in Reno and they are also waiting for the seismic retrofits to be completed as well as the new roof. This has put us in a bind since we are running out of good weather and we can’t install anything until the roof is weather tight.

The window openings also need a bit of attention before the windows can be installed.

The gap in the bricks is for a wooden nailing block which has broken loose which is typical for at least three of the Western windows. Also, several of the bricks on the sill are just sitting loose in disintegrated mortar. Since this will all be hidden by window jambs and wood casings, I’m going to repair these myself. I don’t need to make them look pretty, just functional.