R & R

R & R does not mean we that are taking a well deserved rest. In this case it means rebar and roofing.

The rebar is being woven on the front and rear walls of the hotel in order the strengthen the shotecrete.

It’s a bit complex and has to be entirely contained within 4″ of shotcrete which has led to a bit of vocabulary I can’t repeat. The result; however, will be magnificent and, sad to say, totally invisible.

As for the roof, it has to come off completely including the layer of brick that is on top of the sheathing. The good news is that the mortar used on the brick is the consistency of dried mud and comes off with a good swift kick or perhaps a shovel for the more genteel.

On a final note, the greatest news of all is that our interior remodel permit has been granted complete with a bill for school tax, road tax and park tax. It could have been worse though. I hear that California taxes are about ten times those of Nevada.